Blast From The Past

So I was looking through some of my old photos and I came across these! I think I was about 19 working at Sephora at the time. All of us girls used to have so much fun together! Jess and Christina I hope you don’t mind your photos being debuted on my blog. :) (Clearly these are not professional photos). The colors are just a little bit crazy-this was a just-for-fun makeup party for the ladies of Sephora. But I’ll admit the hot pink was SO much fun to do!

Kelly and Pat’s Engagement Session

Here are a few photos from Kelly and Pat’s engagement session in Folsom. Don’t they look great?!

Photos by Bre Thurston. Check out to see more of her work!

Makeup by me!

The Artist at Work!

 I had so much fun at the last Boudoir marathon with Bre and all the lovely ladies who had their makeup and photos done. We had a little extra time so Bre even took a few photos of me working! She does such a great job, I cannot wait to see all the girls’ photos—I know they will turn out beautifully. Here are two of the photos she took for me. Check back soon to see the ladies! For more of Bre’s photos check out her website at