I Heart Travel, Part I- Norway

I love to travel. If I could do one thing in this world I would travel around it and see every place I haven’t seen. My dream has always been to close my eyes, point to a spot on the map, and go there. If my time, money, and life in general allowed for that I would be one happy woman. I would go somewhere new every chance I could.

But, this is not my reality. I have to work through the week, so instead, I plan ahead. I often decide on a trip I want to take and start working on it a year in advance. It gives me something to plan (which I love) and something to look forward to (which I also love). It has been a few years since I have taken a really BIG trip and I can’t wait to do it again soon. Right now I have a trip to Norway and possibly Spain in the works. I am getting so excited I can barely take it. The trip would be in May, to go to a friend’s wedding in Norway, and then to stay at her parents beach house on the coast of Spain. Not too shabby.

Now you may be curious why I have a friend getting married in Norway when I am from Northern California… So here’s the story- In high school, my best friend had an exchange student from Norway and we’ve been bff’s ever since. I have visited her in Norway twice, one time staying for 3 months, we have met up in Italy when I was studying abroad, and she has come back to the states 4 or so times since she left. I love her, and will continue to visit her for the rest of my life. She was just here last month when we met in Hawaii for a week and then she stayed with us in Sacramento for a week. I usually use any excuse I can to go visit her and this one is just perfect!

For this travel blog post,  I was going to post some pictures and a little information about why I love each place I’ve been. But then I realized that would be the longest blog post in the world. So, I am going to do this in sections. One post per country or city that I think is worth blogging about. For the reasons above, and the fact that it really is one of my favorite countries to date, I am going to start with Norway.

For those of you who haven’t been, Norway is one of the most beautiful places in the world (okay, so I’m biased, but it’s still true). There are beautiful bright green fields, gorgeous, soft sand beaches, amazing, huge fjords, and so much more. The people are beautiful of course, and so friendly and welcoming– not to mention they speak perfect English even though it is their second language, which makes getting around a little easier if you don’t speak Norwegian.

Here are some of my favorite photos from my trips in Norway. Keep in mind they were in 2003 and 2008 so the photo quality is not what it would be today. I can’t wait to go back with a real camera and truly capture Norway’s beauty.

This.is.the.coolest.photo.of.my.life. (so far) This is on a hike in Norway called Kjeragbolten. Don’t mind the blurry, scanned photo circa 2003. This will always be the coolest hike I’ve ever done. (this is me and my best friend on ‘the rock’)

Who knew Norway had such beautiful, prestine beaches?

And there is a beautiful, woodsy area by my friend’s cabin that is so nice in the summers.

Some of my other favorite photos around Norway

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