I Heart Travel, Part II- Greece

Oh, Greece. How I love thee. I dream about you often…..

I have been lucky enough to visit Greece twice. Once as a recent high school grad with about ten Norwegian girls, and the second time when I was almost finished with college with my roommate. The first trip was amazing…I had never been somewhere so far away and so beautiful. But, I was also 17 and able to drink legally for the first time so the trip may have had a little bit of partying involved. We went to Crete and stayed in a little party town called Hersonissos for two weeks. We made friends with the bar owners across the street, drank homemade Greek wine and watched the sunset every night. Then we went out all hours of the night and walked back to our hotel at sunrise and sometimes even swam in the Mediterranean as the sun was rising. It truly was the most amazing experience of my life at that point. I wouldn’t trade that trip for anything.

Here are some photos from that first stay in Greece.

Years later, when I was just about to finish my last year at Chico State, I decided to go visit my friend in Norway. My roommate wanted to come along so we planned our trip for about a three week stay. Once we were there we decided we wanted to travel to at least one other country. My Norwegian friend found us an amazing deal to Crete, Greece for 7 nights so we jumped on it. We stayed in Crete and ended up taking a boat to Santorini, a city I have always wanted to visit. It was beautiful and exactly what I imagined Greece was like. This is the city where all the buildings are white and blue and the water such a gorgeous backdrop to the white buildings.

Here are some of my favorite photos from my second trip to Crete and my first trip to Santorini.


5 thoughts on “I Heart Travel, Part II- Greece

    • Yes, we did! VERY steep steps which were fine going down, but not so fun going back up!
      Thank you for your comment– these photos were all taken with my old point and shoot or with my iphone so the quality isn’t the greatest but I think they still show how gorgeous it is there!

  1. Holy crap those pictures are gorgeous!! I’m with you on the traveling – if money permitted, I’d visit every continent, country, town, and village in the world. I hope you had a fantastic time!

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