To Run, or Not to Run?

Okay, so I am not a runner. I have never been a runner. And I have actually always hated running.  Up until June of this year, the furthest I had ever run was a little over 2 miles…on a treadmill. And I hated every minute of it.  I was the person who got on a treadmill at the gym and quit before the first mile because it was just TOO hard. I only started to enjoy running this year when I was consistently doing it each week and was improving my time and distance. When it gets a little easier, I hate it a little less.

At the end of last June, I decided to run a 10k (6.2 miles for those who don’t know) and it was hard. Really hard. I did it slow (12 minute miles) but I FINISHED it. 6.2 miles seemed impossible to me. But I did it. The week before the 10k I ran my furthest distance, which was 4.5 miles. I was not prepared for how much harder that extra mile and a half was going to be.

So…the question today is, can I do a half marathon? The problem is that after my 10k I took a little vacay from running. I went to Hawaii for 10 days and then had friends and their baby stay with us for a week and I used all of that as an excuse not to run. I just started back up two days ago and am slowly getting back into it.

 And now there is this half marathon… do I do it? CAN I do it? Do I devote my life for the next 3 months before the race to running? What do you think?

This is from the first 5k I ever ran– Maybe soon I’ll have a photo from the first half-marathon I’ve ever run?

7 thoughts on “To Run, or Not to Run?

  1. Look at your shirt! No Excuses =). Of course you should run the 1/2 marathon, if only to say you did it. I’m training for my first one, too and just completed our local 7 mile race. 7 miles! never in my wildest dreams did i think i could do that. I’m used to running as a form of punishment (you know, from other sports), so running for fun didn’t sound so… fun. But i love it and you can do it!!!

  2. Get it girl! I want to do a marathon down here in southern cali. I wish I had someone like you down here to motivate me and do it with me!!

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  4. Well done! I’ve voted yes on the poll, if you’ve got the correct mindset to do it, and you know you can push yourself.. Do it! It’s an accomplishment in life few others rarely achieve. Like myself, for example, I’m still at the HATE running stage. Hopefully in a year or two I’ll be able to visit back and tell you how I ran a half marathon! Good luck if you decide to do it!

    • Thanks! I’m trying! I signed up the day after that post. Everyone said yes! I’m only back up to 3 miles at the moment but I did a 10k about a month ago so I should start doing longer runs soon. You should do it too!

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