I Heart Travel, Part VII – Spain

Barcelona was such a fun city to visit. The architecture was so unique and intricate that I could stare at buildings all day. We spent the days walking around the city and even took a bus tour to see all the sites, and then spent the nights dancing our hearts out. This is truly a city that doesn’t sleep. There is something to do all hours of the day and night and I would love to go back someday.

3 thoughts on “I Heart Travel, Part VII – Spain

  1. Such great photos of the Saint Eulalia Cathedral – did you get the opportunity to climb to the top? It’s quite scary! It’s architectural design is astonishing! Did you also see Camp Nou in your travels? I’m not a football fan, but I did love that trip! Glad you enjoyed your trip to Barcelona!

    • I did climb to the top! It’s been about 4 years so I am slowly forgetting the trip, but I absolutely loved it there. Don’t think I saw Camp Nou while I was there. We were only in Barcelona for about 3 days. Very short trip!

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