A Strange Tradition

Weddings are strange. Amazing, but strange. Two old and strange traditions that come to mind are when the bride chucks a bouquet of beautiful flowers at all of her un-married friends while “all the single ladies” blares in the background, and then shows a little too much leg to her friends and family while her new husband takes off her garter and throws it to all of his un-married friends, who in most cases run away and let it fall sadly to the ground. Oh, that didn’t happen at your wedding?

But I think the strangest wedding tradition of them all is eating your frozen-for-a-year wedding cake. Who’s idea was it to wrap up a perishable sweet in plastic wrap and let it take up valuable space in your freezer for an entire YEAR before eating it? I like to think we took great care in wrapping up our cake to avoid damage or freezer burn, but sadly, when we pulled it out of the freezer we could see ice crystals forming. Yet, we still moved it from the freezer to the refrigerator 24 hours before we planned to eat it, then set it out on a cake stand a few hours before dinner and expected it to taste like it did when we fed it to each other in front of 100 people (again with the strange traditions) exactly one year ago. 

We sliced open the cake with our engraved cake cutter and server, and served ourselves a slice each (on paper plates..hey, who wants to do dishes on their anniversary?). We took the first bite, after a year of anticipation (not really, I forgot about our cake a week after our wedding) and we were both pretty disappointed. Why would we think this was going to taste good? After twelve months in the freezer? Who knows. Maybe because it was our wedding cake. And it tasted so good that night, and wishful thinking never hurt anyone, right? The upside to this story is the cake still looked gorgeous after all that time! And it helped remind us of how truly wonderful that night was.

We paired it with a little pink bubbly that our friends brought us home from Champagne, France. Not too shabby.

Would I do it again? Can’t say I would. One bite of that grainy, stale, soggy, old cake was enough for me. Sadly, the rest went in the trash.

This is what our cake looked like in all its glory on September 18th, 2010…When it still tasted good..

4 thoughts on “A Strange Tradition

  1. I agree, sometimes traditions just aren’t worth the hassle sometimes lol. But I have seen couples freeze their cake and it actually taste just as good as they had it a year ago. But I love some of the options some cake makers give couples with their package. Some will make the exact top layer of your cake a year after so you can have a fresh cake. Gotta love that option lol. Love this post.. and Happy Anniversary!

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