*Crystal Gala*

You may have noticed I have been slacking on my blog posts lately. That is because I have been incredibly busy working on putting together a huge black-tie crystal gala for 600 people that took place on Sunday. The dinner started with a cocktail reception with a step and repeat (shown below and photographed by the beautiful brunette in the photo, Bre Thurston) and red carpet. Everyone then moved into a large ballroom decorated with white hydrangeas and manzanita trees dripping with crystals and enjoyed their dinner. During dinner videos honoring the award winners were played, speeches were made, drinks were poured and photobooth photos were taken. David Garibaldi performed with his DJ, Joseph One (who also happens to be my very talented brother) and we then auctioned off his paintings to benefit the foundation. We ended the dinner with a performance by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and then an after-party at the House of Blues in Anaheim, where DJ JosephOne kept the crowd entertained for over three hours. The event went amazingly well and I was happy to be a part of it all. This is the only photo I have so far, but I will get the rest from Bre and post them here!

10 thoughts on “*Crystal Gala*

  1. Thanks for looking at my photo of the hood ornament. Nice photo here, but as a photographer I have a question: Why were you cut off at the ankles? Either back up a litte or move in closer! Aside from that, it is a very pretty snapshot of both of you.

    • Oh yes. Of course, that looks strange, especially since I said the photo was from a professional photographer. The photographer is a friend of mine and since she wanted to be in a photo with me, she passed the camera off to a woman standing in line who clearly was not a professional. This was the only one we had of the two of us so she sent it to me. I should have clarified in my post so people don’t think that it is Bre’s work! Thanks for mentioning. I loved your photo of the hood ornament!

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