David Garibaldi’s ‘Rhythm and Hue’

David Garibaldi is a very talented performance artist who paints amazing portraits in front of a live audience while jumping, dancing, and spinning to music played by his DJ. He calls his show “Rhythm & Hue.”

First off I need to say that I can take absolutely no credit for the photos in this post.  The photos were all taken by my very talented friend, Bre Thurston at an event I helped plan for the CMA Foundation in Anaheim last weekend. Like I said in my post titled *Crystal Gala* it really turned out to be an amazing event. David Garibaldi painted four paintings on stage with his DJ, DJ Joseph One and the crowd loved them. I mentioned before that the DJ is my brother and he travels around performing with Garibaldi. I could not have been more proud to watch him up there on stage. I have seen them live a few times before, but it always makes me happy to see him doing so well. Here are some of Bre’s photos from the evening, you can find more on her site.

This photo of David’s pants covered in paint is my favorite of all the photos Bre took that night. It doesn’t even show his work or how talented he is, but I love how artistic and colorful the photo is. I think it does a great job representing “rhythm & hue” because you can tell by the splatter everywhere how much movement goes into each performance.

This is another one I love. It shows all of his paint brushes and the beautifully colorful mess he made while performing.

DJ Joseph One

How cool is this one? This is in the middle of David Garibaldi painting the CMA logo. He paints Einstein upside down and then at the last minute flips it over so everyone can see the final image. The crowd LOVED this one.

Garibaldi and Joseph One are performing at the Crest Theater in Sacramento on October 26th. Go to  Garibaldi LIVE  for tickets!

And click on Bre’s website for more photos from the Gala!