Would You Like a Beer with Your Run?

Last night my friend at work and I did the Fleet Feet Fun Run in Sacramento. We started at the Fleet Feet downtown and did a three-mile run ending at the Golden Bear. Fleet Feet passed out free drink tickets for the Bear and we just couldn’t resist. A cold beer sounded pretty tasty after a good run. Usually these runs only have about 20-30 attendees but this week’s was huge! I think there were close to 100 people last night (probably because of the free booze). After the run they had a raffle back at the bar and I even won a free dry-fit shirt. The name that was pulled after mine won a free pair of new Saucony running shoes! I was so close! Oh well, maybe next time. My friend and I plan on running these little fun-runs every week. I love to run outside, but never feel safe on my own in the dark. Now that daylight savings has passed it is too dark to run alone after work, so this is the perfect alternative. There are enough people in the group that I feel totally safe to run at night and it is much more motivating with a large group of people to keep going. Looking forward to next week! If you don’t have a fleet feet in your area, you can find running groups to join here.