I Had an Epiphanie

I can’t tell you enough how much I love love love my new camera bag from Epiphanie. My bff got it for me for my birthday after I showed it to her online for color choice advice months ago. I dropped the ball and never bought it and then it popped up at my birthday party! (In the perfect color!)

See how happy I am!

Let me tell you why it is so great. First of all, it’s gorgeous. Brightly colored, cute detail, great shape. Just overall nice to look at. But more important than it’s adorable exterior is the super handy-dandy, convenient interior. It has a padded compartment for each of my lenses, or any camera accessories I feel necessary to carry around with me. It also has a zipper inside for my cards, lip gloss, and other girly items. There are also two slots on the outside that fit my keys and iPhone just perfectly. There are smaller handles for carrying in your hand or a large padded strap for carrying across the shoulder, which, let me tell you is a very important feature. Lugging around a camera and multiple lenses can get very heavy and a padded strap that helps disperse the weight is very helpful.


You can buy this bag and many other adorable options here. My particular bag is called Lola.


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