Run Run Run

So I started my second half-training yesterday and I am so excited for the next few months. Yesterday we met at the local fleet feet and went for a fun run (3 miles) with some of the group and met some of the coaches. Then we came back to the store, did some stretching and picked up our training schedule and goodies. I trained for about 3 months for my last half and at the time, I couldn’t imagine training in less than 12 weeks. I needed every last minute of those weeks.  But, here I am, training again but with only 2 months between now and the race.  How am I going to do it? Well I am counting on muscle memory to help make up for the time off  and the motivation and encouragement (and accountability) of a structured running group. I was also very excited because my friend Lindsey who I trained with for my last half decided to come run the fun run with me. She was signed up for the Shamrock’n half but opted out of the training group. UNTIL- she had so much fun running with the group that she decided to join :) So now we can train for this one together too. After our run on Sunday we went to coffee and decided this will be our Saturday ritual. The long runs will take place all over Sacramento and now we can carpool and get coffee or breakfast afterwards. I’m so happy to have a friend doing the training with me! It always helps to have someone there with you.

The group was $100 to join and some people have said to me- why pay to run when you can run for free? They have a good point, but I am so looking forward to having a group of people there with me throughout my entire training. Having the help of other runners as well as the certified coaches will for sure help me improve my running and my time. Not to mention the accountability of the group. It’s much easier to flake on myself than it is a whole training group (especially one I paid for).

Fleet Feet also gave us a $20 giftcard to the store for signing up so I was able to put that money toward buying myself another good sports bra. I’m telling you, if you need a little extra support up top like I do this is the BEST sports bra you will ever wear. A little pricey at $46 each , but WELL WORTH IT. I now have three of them and am constantly doing laundry so I’m able to wear one each time I run. The straps have velcro so you can adjust them to the perfect fit. I’ll never buy another brand or style of sports bra in my life.

This is the one I have and LOVE. You can find it here and it comes in so many cute colors.

I plan on sharing my training schedule one week at a time, as well as my progress each week. This week I am going to run 4 days for a total of 15 miles.

Here is my schedule:

Monday– Easy 3 miles. I will do this on the treadmill at my gym tonight and then a little strength training as well.

Tuesday– Easy 3 miles. My Tuesday night training runs don’t start until next week so I am going to do the fleet feet fun-run with a few girls from work.

Wednesday– Active Rest. This means no extra strenuous activity, but it doesn’t mean sit on the couch all day. I will probably do a little light cardio at the gym like the elliptical or bike and some weights. Swimming would also be great on these days but it’s too cold!

Thursday – Easy 4 miles. I will do this in the morning before work on the treadmill at my gym. It’s going to be rough waking up that early before work but I have a wedding reception to attend that night and I have to get those miles in! Oh and by the way, when it says “easy” I don’t mean “4 miles is a piece of cake for me and I’ll breeze right through it.” It means take it easy. Run at a slow and steady pace that you are comfortable with. One that you could hold a conversation during without passing out. That’s what I mean by “easy”.

Friday– Active Rest. I will probably make this a complete rest day to prepare for my long run on Saturday. Or possibly do some upper-body weight training as well as some ab workouts. Having strong abdominal muscles (which I do not at the moment) can really help your running and keep you from getting side aches during long runs.

Saturday – Long Run. This week our training group will run for 50 minutes, which for me will be right around (or right under) 5 miles. I am a slow runner but I think running with the group will make me pick up my pace a little. The most I have run since my half marathon is 4.2 miles so this will probably be pretty difficult for me. I’m happy I’ll have so much support!

Sunday– Active Rest. I will probably rest completely this day as I’m sure my body will be very tired!

Happy running everyone!

10 thoughts on “Run Run Run

  1. I’m so happy to find another blogger who is training for a half-marathon! I can’t wait to hear about your training and your progress, and hopefully I’ll gain some tips along the way. My training starts tomorrow night – I’m a bit nervous, but terribly excited. One question for you – how do you fuel up for the long runs? Good luck love!

  2. I usually have a mini cliff bar or a banana before all my runs and if I am running over 6 miles I bring along some sort of energy gel or chews. I really like the cliff shot bloks. They taste good and really help boost your energy. They make them with or without caffeine. For my last half I trained without caffeine and then used gel that had caffeine on race day to give me an extra boost. My favorite gel is the Powerbar chocolate. The texture is actually bearable and you don’t have to chew so the energy is pretty instant! But make sure you have water with you because they make me so thirsty! Good luck! Can’t wait to read about your progress.

  3. I’m training for another half this year too. I’m so excited to have another one under my belt. I also have that sports bra and it’s pretty much awesome. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how it turns out!

  4. It is nice to hear about your training. I ran my 3rd half last may and am considering doing another half this may, I just haven’t committed yet! I need to get my butt in gear, get running again on a regular basis, in all my free

    • That’s great that you’ve done 3 half marathons! I am on my second but I plan on continuing training so I can do another one this summer. Good luck trying to fit it in to your busy schedule. I know how rough that can be!

  5. As you know, you get more than just running with the Fleet Feet training groups- my coach corrected my form the first day last session, teaches injury prevention clinics before runs, we’re doing speed interval training and they supply rest stop water/food/energy drinks on the long runs. Also, they know all the great places to run!! There’s a mental thing too, when running with a group that keeps me motivated (or is it just shame and embarassment if I wanna stop, lol!). Totally worth the $100!

    Good luck with your FF Group and half training!

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