Honey for Your Allergies?!

There aren’t many downsides to growing up in California, but I’d have to say my least favorite part of living in the Golden State are the terrible allergies I have here. As a kid I could barely get out of bed during allergy season and can only deal with them now after taking allergy shots for three years. Although my allergies have immensely improved since taking the shots, I still have bad days during the Spring season, especially when its extra windy outside.

I’ve read a few articles that say local honey can actually help improve your allergy symptoms, but I have also read articles that say there isn’t any real proof to back up that claim. Personally, I have always hated taking allergy medicine….It makes me either super sleepy or super loopy, or it keeps me from sleeping at night. I have yet to find one that actually helps my symptoms and doesn’t make me feel awful.

So, I figured a spoonful of honey each day can’t hurt me, right? I decided I will try this out and see what the results are on my own. That will be proof enough for me!

The great thing about honey is you can enjoy it in so many different ways! Here are just some of the different ways I plan to eat my spoonful of honey a day!

  • mix into energy bites like these
  • mix into tea with lemon
  • add to hot water and lemon
  • mix into smoothies as sweetener
  • use as a dip for sliced apples
  • mix with plain Greek yogurt and top with fruit
  • mix into oatmeal
  • spread on toast with peanut butter
  • drizzle over warm cornbread
  • mix into salad dressings
  • add to vanilla ice cream for dessert :)

We bought fresh honeycomb on our way home from Monterey last weekend. It isn’t exactly local but we couldn’t resist! I’ve also read you can eat the honeycomb itself, but I haven’t tried it yet.

I love this raw honey we found at our local farmer’s market. It’s so thick and creamy, its delicious!

What are your favorite ways to eat (or drink) honey? And do you think local honey can really help your allergies?

18 thoughts on “Honey for Your Allergies?!

  1. Honey’s amazing. I’ve heard the allergy theory, too. I’ll take any excuse to have a spoonful a day!
    P.S. Florida is the Sunshine State! We’re the Golden State :D

    • Haha. Thanks! I swear I knew that. But I ALWAYS do that! I think I’ve put that in my blog three or four times before because I always mix them up :) I think it’s because I like the name Sunshine State a little better ;)

      • Oh believe me, I do it all the time, too. They truly made a mistake when they gave Florida and Cali their nicknames. Tsk Tsk.

    • Having lived in the “Sunset” neighborhood in San Francisco for a year, I have to ask: What is this “sunshine” thing you speak of? All I ever saw was fog. The neighborhood’s appellation was obviously a cruel joke given it by people from other parts of the city. Or as a way to trick out-of-towners into renting an apartment there. Yes, it does have tremendous theoretical views of the ocean.

  2. The honeycomb looks so good! I’m such a sucker for honey. I love having honey with 2 slices of lemon. It’s the best honey drink! I also like to use honey when I cook. Honey goes really well with chicken wings and squid balls too!

  3. My gran always insists on a spoon of honey in her tea instead of sugar. Personally, I think its good on a slice of buttered toast! My Uncle actually has a load of bee hives and produces his own honey locally…I like the honey, but not a fan of all those scary bees! *Sting*

  4. The idea behind having local honey for allergies is this: The pollens that you are allergic to are in this honey and if you keep exposing yourself to what you are allergic to you build up immunity. I have done this for years and it works!

    Thank you for the like on my blog!

  5. I have heard of using local honey to combat allergies as well. I think that for me, the challenge is taking local honey that is really, really local (like from a rooftop in Brooklyn), or something further afield (like a fresher field) that might not be the same kind of pollen.

    Friends of mine who have tasted local honey from city rooftops, when asked how does it taste, look around the few sad plants regularly hosed down by dogs, homeless and drunk people, truck exhaust, and the like, and then just look at me like, “What do you think?!”

    For that, I very much envy that you live in a beautiful part of the country!

    • Oh yes, I think the grass is always greener on the other side. I would love to live in an amazing city like you do! Although California is pretty nice too. :) Even if the honey isn’t going to work on my allergies, it’s delicious all the same. Especially the raw honey. I could eat it all day!

  6. Wow just wanted to say the first photo is amazing! The close up! And I use homey all the time, it’s like my addiction. Kinda. Almost. And it’s great that it’s so good for you. My allergies suck in the spring/fall.

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