Red Cabbage

Who knew cabbage could be so pretty?

I made chinese chicken salad with this particular cabbage. What are some of your favorite cabbage recipes?

17 thoughts on “Red Cabbage

  1. In our neck of the woods its kalua pork with cabbage. Kalua pork, slow roasted pork (traditionally in a earth pit), kind of like pulled pork without the sauce. Left over pork is braised with cabbage. Think corned beef and cabbage, Hawaiian style. :)

  2. Wow! Sort of ‘Escher-esque’… with an integer missing… haha!

    I love this! Beauty in something so simple… you have a marvelous eye!

    Tina makes some really ‘killer’ spring rolls with red cabbage, green onions, almond paste, pork and her ‘secret ingredients’ (I can’t tell!)


  3. I’ve got a recipe on my blog and it’s my favorite way to eat the stuff. You chop it up into strips and soak it in a red whine vinegar mixture that has sugar, cayenne, salt, pepper and some oil. The cabbage soaks it all up, it’s amazing. Same recipe they use at the Clearman’s Restaurants out here in California!

    Love the idea of doing Chinese chicken salad with it!

    • That sounds great! It’s actually very similar to the dressing I make for my chinese chicken salad. I use sugar, oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and a little soy sauce. I don’t have a recipe for it so it turns out a little different ever time but usually really yummy!

  4. First of all, I have never seen a sexier cabbage, red or not.
    I looove cabbage. We have a meal in The Bahamas called “fire engine”. It’s white rice with corned beef. I can NOT have my fire engine without cabbage, which I cooked into my corned beef along with a bit of tomato paste, and diced potatoes.
    I also looove cabbage in vegetable soup.

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