Homemade Goat Cheese and Jalapeño Pizza

I know I’ve told you all this before, but I am really not much of a baker. I try, and sometimes I’m successful, but usually, I’m not. Last weekend my husband and I decided to make our own homemade pizza from scratch and I would say we were about 80% successful. The finished product tasted delicious with all of these yummy toppings (artichoke hearts, jalapeños, tomatoes, onions, fresh basil, spinach, bell peppers and mushrooms, how could it not taste great, right?). BUT, the dough left something to be desired. The outside was a little too crunchy (maybe I overcooked it?) and the inside was a little undercooked. Needless to say, I think my pizza dough could use a little practice and refining before I serve it for a dinner party.

I just Googled “easy pizza dough” and found this recipe here. It was VERY easy and I’m not quite sure what went wrong, but I think I’ll try this same recipe again and see where I made my mistake. Or maybe it is supposed to taste the way it did and my expectations were a little too high?

After I rolled out the dough we coated it with jalapeño olive oil that we bought in Cambria while we were there celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary. Then we covered them with all the yummy veggies and put it in the oven for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees (although we probably should have taken them out at 15 minutes)We took them out, added the crumbled goat cheese, and sliced them up! Despite the not-so-perfect dough, they actually tasted amazingly good. The dough was a little more crunchy than I’d like, but the veggies were so good with the jalapeños, goat cheese and the spicy olive oil. I will definitely try this again! Does anyone have a favorite pizza dough recipe they love? Is there a trick I’m missing?

6 thoughts on “Homemade Goat Cheese and Jalapeño Pizza

    • Thanks! I even drizzled the oil on the pizza after it was cooked. I got that idea from an Italian restaurant that had different types of olive oil at the table – one with peppers, one with rosemary, and one with garlic. It made the pizza so much better!

  1. I’ve always had better luck with pizza dough that has a couple of rise times. I have a whole wheat pizza dough recipe that takes a bit of time, but most of it is hands-off time. Patience makes all the difference! These toppings look fabulous!

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