Kaia BRIK (and Detox) has Begun!

I am so excited that my six-week boot-camp has begun! I just joined an all women’s program, called Kaia, that meets 5 days a week. Today was the first day (we meet at 6am) and I know I’m going to love it. The women are encouraged to do a complete detox for the first and last week of the program, which means no sugar, no dairy, no carbs (except what is in fruits and veggies) no processed foods and no alcohol. This is exactly what my body needs and I’m really looking forward to how I will feel by the end of the week. Maybe I’ll even extend the detox for a second week!

Last night I decided to make a (mostly) Kaia friendly meal to get myself started on the right track. We had artichokes with an aioli made with vegenaise (usually I would make one from Greek Yogurt but I was all out!), a delicious kale and spinach salad and some leftover pasta salad from the night before. I thought I’d sneak in a little yummy carbs before detox started!

My favorite part of the meal was definitely the kale salad. Usually I saute kale or use it in my smoothies but it can actually be really great in a raw salad. Kale has a pretty rough texture, but when you coat it in a little olive oil and sea salt and massage it into the leaves, it wilts and tastes great! For this salad all I did was wilt the kale, add fresh spinach, red onions, radishes, avocado, a little lemon juice, and salt and pepper (the olive oil I used to wilt the kale was enough to coat the whole salad- no need for more dressing).

I am really looking forward to making lots of healthy, clean meals this week and hopefully I can share most of them with you! To  check out the Kaia in your area, click here! Or go to Kaia Sacramento’s blog for tip and ideas on healthy eating and exercise.

Do any of you have great healthy, clean recipes I should try while on detox? I’d love to hear them!

Happy eating :)

16 thoughts on “Kaia BRIK (and Detox) has Begun!

  1. Yay, I love this! Welcome to Kaia!! I am a 6pm Kaia girl and I saw the link you posted on yesterdays blog! Im so glad you enjoyed it this morning, Kaia is like a drug! So addicting! And during the FIT sessions, where we only go 3 times a week, our off days are kind of sad, haha. Esp after BRIK, when everyone bonds. This will be my first BRIK session, Ive dont a few FITS, but I definitely see the difference in the closeness of all the girls post BRIK :) Im looking forward to seeing what you post about what you eat this week! I grabbed some artichokes on my BRIK shopping trip as well, and then my friend says…what are you going to dip them in?! Mayo isnt detox friendly!! Doh! (Palm to forehead). And then I saw this! Ive never heard of Vegonaise! Ill have to check that out! Thanks for the ideas, Im looking forward to reading more of your blogs :) Happy BRIK! Let me know if you need any Kaia girl support!

    • Also I had a friend who always made lemon juice, little bit of olive oil and salt to dip her artichokes. Maybe it was a Chilean thing but she preferred it over mayonnaise. I just started today too! So excited about BRIK. First day probably EVER I have not had dairy, sugar, carbs, or coffee. Wow.

      • Yum! I’ll have to try that out. Never thought of using olive oil and lemon juice! And yes, I know- cutting all this stuff out is rough! I don’t eat dairy anyway, but sugar and carbs are insanely hard. I’m not cutting out coffee though- no way I could handle that at the same time as no sugar and no carbs. I just use unsweetened almond milk in it instead of cream or sugar. Still tastes pretty good :)

      • Oh and PS…i went to the Nugget and found the Veganiase! That brand has sooo many awesome products! I cant wait to try them all!

      • Good! Let me know if you like it. It has a stronger flavor than real mayo but I think it tastes SO much better. Mix one tbsp into a half cup of greek yogurt (after detox of course) with lemon and garlic salt and it makes a delicious lower-calorie dip for artichokes.

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