Losing Weight the Healthy Way – And A Little Barney Butter!

As I have been trying to eat a healthy, clean diet for the Kaia detox, I have been going back to eating like I did when I was seeing a nutritionist years ago. It’s funny how we learn all about nutrition and health and how to live a healthy lifestyle, and over time we slowly drift away from those basics. The truth is, losing weight and getting healthy is a simple concept -calories in vs calories out. The important thing is making those calories work for your body instead of eating junk that doesn’t help you in any way. What I mean by that is eating healthy greens and fruits and getting enough protein and fiber to fuel your body and keep yourself feeling good.

I am not an expert on nutrition by any means, but I have tried many “fad diets” that haven’t worked (or they have worked and I gained all the weight right back) and I have also lost weight the healthy way. At the moment I am about 20 pounds lighter than I once was and I can’t believe I carried around that much weight for so long!

This was the best before/after photo I could find at the moment. I've gained about 5lbs since this after photo was taken, but it is fairly accurate - Check out those cheeks!

Now that I don’t have so much to lose I really want to focus on getting toned and gaining muscle. I’m kind of a weakling to be honest, but soon enough that will change! My main goal for this six-week program: come out of it with super buff arms :)

For the next few weeks I am going to focus on posting some of my healthy meals, some recommendations for some of my favorite items at the grocery store and possibly some workout ideas as well. I’m really excited to get back into a routine that I can stick to since I haven’t done that since my half-marathon trainings!

My first recommendation is for Barney Butter. As I told the Kaia girls this morning, if you haven’t tried it..you need to. It is the best almond butter I have ever tasted. You don’t need to stir it because it doesn’t have all that gross oil at the top, it is very low in sugar (3g per serving) and has very few ingredients with no gross additives. I prefer the chunky but the smooth is great too! I bought mine online but you can also get it at Whole Foods.

This morning I had a tablespoon of it for breakfast with a banana. Yum! Do you have any favorite almond/peanut butters I should try?

9 thoughts on “Losing Weight the Healthy Way – And A Little Barney Butter!

  1. You look fabulous and you’re right on! I’ve tried many fads diets & “I’m cutting out x,y,z” trends but the most sustainable is what we learned in nutrition class.

  2. Nuts to You Nut Butter has the best peanut butter I’ve ever tasted! It has the oil at the top but before you open it, just turn it around in your hand and it all mixes together. I love having it on a rice cake with half a sliced banana on top. Such a great breakfast!

    You look fantastic! I lost about 25 lbs a few years ago, too (probably more) and it was a result of better food choices and becoming A LOT more active – I think that was the most essential to losing the weight for me (and now keeping it off which I’ve been able to do…give or take a few pounds, like yourself). Good luck in your boot camp!

  3. ah wish i could try that almond butter but it would kill me! any other suggestions for healthy butters? or any ideas for good snacks that can replace the times when ur suppose to chew on almonds?

    • Oh yes, your allergy! Instead of almonds you could snack on veggies and hummus. I do celery, carrots, bell peppers, snap peas, basically anything that’s crunchy! And you get protein from the hummus like you do when eating nuts! Or I have an apple every day around 2:00 when I start to get a little hungry again after lunch. Are you allergic to seeds to? Could you have pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds as a snack?

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