Proud of My President

I am so proud of my President today. Of course, there is little doubt in my mind that politics and Obama’s re-election played some role in his decision to come out supporting same-sex marriage. But do I care? No.

All I care about is the fact that our President (whether you like him or not) did the right thing today. There is no reason a same-sex couple should be denied the exact same rights that a heterosexual couple takes for granted. I married my husband almost two years ago and you better believe I’d be pretty pissed if the Government, no ANYONE, told me I couldn’t. Any couple who is in love and wants to get married should have the right to do so.

This view of mine may alienate me from some of my blog readers, or even some of my friends and acquaintances. But I have to say, I don’t really care. I can understand some people with strong religious beliefs truly feel that marriage is between a man and a woman. I can respect and appreciate their views, but I also believe that what other people choose to do with their lives does not affect me. It is not right to deny people the rights they deserve just because you personally do not agree with their lifestyle.  Do I want to have a romantic relationship with another woman? No. But do I care if someone else does? NO. Why would I? Another couple’s relationship has absolutely nothing to do with me and I definitely do not have the right to judge them for being with the person they love.

So, today, for this reason, I am proud of my President. Politics or not.

Watch the video here.

6 thoughts on “Proud of My President

  1. I applaud you too, Adele, for coming out and saying something that you are passionate about! We cannot always agree with everything that other people say, but we can always make the choice to be respectful and respect people who are brave enough to speak their mind.

    I think everyone has felt that Obama has been for marriage equality and just refrained from saying so for fear of alienating people. But we should always understand that having an having a personal conviction does not mean that it is personal.

  2. I agree, well said! I can’t believe in this day and age we are even having to have a conversation about an individual right to choose who they want to be committed to. It’s never my right to tell someone else how they should their life.

  3. I agree with everyone above and with your comments, too. If only other world leaders would step up and make the same convictions, not only on gay marriage, but on other issues like conflict, international development, health, and the economy, the world would be a better place. Standing up for what you believe in takes courage and integrity…I was proud of your president that day, too :)

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