I am always so envious of my mom’s hummingbird feeder. It attracts such amazing little creatures and I love watching them flutter around and drink their sugar-water. I would love to have one in our backyard but our cats will go after (and kill) just about any bird they see in a one-mile radius of our house. Humming birds are extremely fast, but I just wouldn’t feel right intentionally luring them into the “kill zone” just so I can look at them. I am always wishing I had my camera when I go to my parent’s house so I made sure I brought it over for Mother’s Day. I sat and watched the birds for a few minutes and took a ton of photos. These were some of my favorite shots. I swear, for a minute this one particular hummingbird was posing and dancing around for me.

See, he (or she) is totally looking at me here.