Bridal Shower Bubbles and More

Okay..this is me attempting not to cry as I write this post. It’s not going to work, but I’ll attempt.

So I have this friend Kira, who has been in my life since I was 5 years old….. And she’s alright….

And by ‘alright’ I mean she’s the best friend anyone could ever ask for in their entire life. If you are lucky enough to have a Kira in your lifetime you should grab on and not let go (does that sound like I’m a crazy person?) Well, without going into all the things I plan to say for my maid of honor speech at her wedding, I can tell you that in the last week or so I have teared up or full on cried while planning her bridal shower (basically, I’m going to be a crying mess at her wedding). I have been thinking about how great she is and how happy I am that she found this amazing guy to marry, with this amazing family who loves her as if she’s their own. Seeing all the friends and family (especially her mom and grandmother) who came together to celebrate her happiness seriously warmed my heart. Our amazing friend Katie drove from 4 hours away just to be a part of the weekend and it couldn’t have been better. There’s not much that makes me happier than the three of us together, just like when we were inseparable in junior high and high school.

Kira and I have known each other for over 20 years and as each year comes, our friendship grows stronger. In the past we’ve lived in different cities and at some points even different countries, but we’ve always remained close. I know that no matter what happens, where we live, or what we’re doing in our lives, we will be friends until we’re little old ladies. I have so much more to say, but it will have to wait until the wedding speeches. I cannot wait for October 6th and I couldn’t be happier for her and Jordan.

Here are a few of the details from the bridal shower that I planned with Kira’s awesome soon to be mother in law. It was a lovely day! Click on the images to get a closer look at the details!

The favors were miniature mason jars with straws that we wrapped in cellophane and added little stamped thank yous to each one. Kira’s future MIL made three different kinds of homemade cookies for each person to take homeRibbon garland I madeFavor Table/Entry TableMy favorite part of the shower…the mimosa or “bubbly bar” I made tiny little flags for people to write their names on so they wouldn’t lose their mimosaI wanted a Bubbly Bar sign. I made one, and it was ugly. So I had this one custom-made on Etsy. I will be using this again. I used Diamond wine stoppers to keep the champagne closed I ordered this custom flower garland from Etsy as well. Bridal Bingo during the gift opening to keep people interestedThe Donut Bar! Diamond Donuts (Diamonds from Etsy)This was a custom hanger from Etsy with the wedding date.Gift table

Kira opening my giftThe card read “Pull the string and see what you’ll find, maybe something cute for your little behind” When she pulled the string TONS of underwear came out all tied together..And it kept coming out…. And kept coming….…..…..It ended with a cute blue pair from Victoria’s Secret that said “Tied the Knot” on the butt. I thought it was fitting since she’s getting married AND I tied about 100 knots for these undies! I think she liked it :)Next up…Las Vegas for the Bachelorette Party

A Strange Tradition

Weddings are strange. Amazing, but strange. Two old and strange traditions that come to mind are when the bride chucks a bouquet of beautiful flowers at all of her un-married friends while “all the single ladies” blares in the background, and then shows a little too much leg to her friends and family while her new husband takes off her garter and throws it to all of his un-married friends, who in most cases run away and let it fall sadly to the ground. Oh, that didn’t happen at your wedding?

But I think the strangest wedding tradition of them all is eating your frozen-for-a-year wedding cake. Who’s idea was it to wrap up a perishable sweet in plastic wrap and let it take up valuable space in your freezer for an entire YEAR before eating it? I like to think we took great care in wrapping up our cake to avoid damage or freezer burn, but sadly, when we pulled it out of the freezer we could see ice crystals forming. Yet, we still moved it from the freezer to the refrigerator 24 hours before we planned to eat it, then set it out on a cake stand a few hours before dinner and expected it to taste like it did when we fed it to each other in front of 100 people (again with the strange traditions) exactly one year ago. 

We sliced open the cake with our engraved cake cutter and server, and served ourselves a slice each (on paper plates..hey, who wants to do dishes on their anniversary?). We took the first bite, after a year of anticipation (not really, I forgot about our cake a week after our wedding) and we were both pretty disappointed. Why would we think this was going to taste good? After twelve months in the freezer? Who knows. Maybe because it was our wedding cake. And it tasted so good that night, and wishful thinking never hurt anyone, right? The upside to this story is the cake still looked gorgeous after all that time! And it helped remind us of how truly wonderful that night was.

We paired it with a little pink bubbly that our friends brought us home from Champagne, France. Not too shabby.

Would I do it again? Can’t say I would. One bite of that grainy, stale, soggy, old cake was enough for me. Sadly, the rest went in the trash.

This is what our cake looked like in all its glory on September 18th, 2010…When it still tasted good..

Wedding Details

Since I am on the wedding topic already…here are some of the details from our day that I really loved. All photos were taken by the same photographers listed in Steal my Heart Away.

I bought all the girls champagne glasses and wrote their initials on them with pearl letters I bought at Michael’s. I did MOB for Mother of the Bride,  MOH for Maid of Honor, and Mrs. for me. The MOH is the one pouring the drinks in the photo.

The guest tables had centerpieces of floating purple orchids topped with white floating candles.Our sweetheart table had a different centerpiece than the rest of the guest tables. We had white and purple floating orchids, as well as purple and white calla lilies and tons of purple and white candles. All the tables were sprinkled with purple rose petals.

We used wine corks for the name cards and our favors were wine stoppers with purple grapes made of Murano glass. We chose those favors because years earlier when we visited Venice together, we fell in love with the beautiful Italian glass, called Murano glass. These reminded us of our time in Italy together, and went with our wine theme of the name cards. We also had a candy bar where people could fill up small, to-go containers with their favorite candy. The kids loved this table! The seating chart was framed and placed on a table covered in orchids. Our cake was beautiful and simple. The cake was made by the Forest House Lodge, and our florist added beautiful orchids and greenery to match the rest of the wedding. She also added a few feathers to the top to match the ones in my bouquet. We had an amazing florist, who I would recommend to anyone in the Sacramento area- Design with Florae.

My bouquet from Design with Florae was gorgeous. Full of calla lilies, orchids, roses, berries, and a few feathers. She did an amazing job.

She also created beautiful bridesmaid’s bouquets and groomsmen’s boutonnieres as well.

She did flowers on our Chuppah, on the backs of some of the chairs, and sprinkled rose petals down the aisle.

She used hydrangeas in the chuppah flowers as well as on the chair bows to match the theme of our Ketubah (Jewish marriage contract).

Here are our programs, which we placed on every other chair.


Steal My Heart Away

This Sunday marks exactly one year since I walked down the aisle to Van Morrison’s Steal My Heart Away (only the best wedding song on the planet). 

For some reason this year has gone by faster than any other year I can remember.  Much faster than the year we spent engaged, planning the wedding. Much faster than any year I spent in high school, or college, and definitely faster than every year I spent waiting for my 21st birthday to come. This has been one of the best, worst, and hardest years of my life, yet it seems to have flown by.

The site above is from the Forest House Lodge in Foresthill where we got married. This venue was AMAZING, from the ceremony site, to the game room, to the food, and the exceptional service.

Over the past 12 months we have parted ways with old friends we grew apart from, and have made a few new friends. We sadly watched  some of our closest friends move to a different city, but were lucky to have my parents move back to the city we live in. We became an aunt and uncle (my husband has been an uncle for 10 years already) to the most adorable twin baby girls you’ve ever seen. We’ve traveled to New Orleans, Hawaii (twice), and taken many short trips to the Coast, Lake Tahoe, LA, and the Lake. We both had some-what major birthdays last year (I think major birthdays are ages ending in either zero or five). We have watched half of our bridal party get engaged in the last year, went to weddings and wedding events/parties and even threw some of those parties. We have both taken up new hobbies and interests (photography, blogging, and gardening to name a few) and have had fun pursuing them.

Although it may be obvious as to why this year has been the best (being newlyweds can be pretty great) it may sound weird to hear that my first year of marriage was also one of the hardest and worst years of my life. The reason is that my husband and I grieved three deaths of people extremely important in our lives. His grandfather, his aunt, and my friend of 20 years. Neither one of us had experienced very much death in our lives so this was really difficult for us. Without each other I don’t know how we would have gotten through the really tough days.

Despite the sadness we both experienced, I can still say it was one of the best years of my life . I love being married. I love my husband, and I love that we made such a huge commitment to each other. After what we’ve gone through together this year, I know that no matter how hard things get we will be there to get each other through whatever comes our way.

Now, I usually refrain from telling people this next part because I like to think of myself as a strong, independent woman, and I think it makes me sound sort of cheesy and sappy and like the only thing important in my life is being my husband’s wife. And although I do value that role, it is not my sole reason for living, regardless of what the next statement makes you believe.

So here goes…. Walking down the aisle was the happiest moment I think I have ever experienced to date. There was just something about it. Having my family and closest friends there was part of the excitement, walking down to (like I said before) the best wedding song on the planet, seeing the smile on my soon-to-be husband’s face and knowing we were about to make this statement together made that moment more special than any other time in my life. I’d like to say graduating high school, or college, or getting my driver’s license, or meeting the president (haven’t done that one yet) would top the list, but they don’t. And if that makes me pathetic, so be it. If I could relive one moment of the entire wedding (which was amazingly awesome and fun from beginning to end) it would be walking out of my little “holding tent,” and down the cobblestone pathway toward my husband. When I have bad days I sometimes think about that moment (again, please don’t judge me for my cheesy/sappiness) and when I listen to that song it can literally turn my mood around.

I am just happy I found the person I am going to spend my life with, through the good times and the bad.

What song did you walk down the aisle to?

All photos were taken by John Decker and Anne Chadwick Williams.

Showin’ a Little Love

My fellow up-and-coming makeup artist friend is going to start up her website soon and I thought I’d show a little love and let you know that she’ll be “coming soon!”

Larissa was one of my co-workers for years at one of the many cosmetic stores I worked at in my youth (ya know, cause I’m SO old now..). She is an incredibly talented artist (and great friend) and I even asked her to do the makeup for my own wedding!

So keep an eye out, her website should be live sometime in September and I will be sure to post the link here! She rocks! She did my makeup, plus eight bridesmaids and my mom all by herself!!

Photos by the amazing photographer John Decker.

Mimosas and Wedding Planning- Sunday doesn’t get much better than that!

I just attended the Love and Lust Blog Bridal Event on Sunday with two of my bride friends. We had Sunday brunch and mimosas and then walked around the bridal expo and even sampled a few of the yummy desserts!

Here are some of the photos of the table settings and floral arrangements that I really loved. There were so many fun and unique ideas!

The first two bouquets were done by the florist who did my wedding and I highly recommend her- she’s amazing! Check out more of her work at Design with Florae.

Beautiful Pink Bouquet by Design with Florae

Another Gorgeous Arrangement by Design with Florae!

Table Displays


I love the vibrant colors on this display!

Vintage Brooch Bouquet

Nautical Themed Dessert Bar

So Cute!

Free Wedding Trends Event – Sacramento

This Sunday I am attending this Wedding Fashion and Decor Trends Event with two of my bride friends. Mimosas first- bridal event second..

Reasons to go-

It’s FREE! All you have to do is sign up for tickets online.

AND- you might come home with some good wedding ideas and maybe even win something!

Check out this link to register and print your tickets! loveandlustblog.