Little Bunnies

The lighting wasn’t great for these photos, and the girls do NOT make it easy to photograph them together. But still, I think I have the cutest nieces on the planet. Biased or not. :) Hope everyone had a happy Easter!

Two Peas In A Pod

Like I said yesterday, my cousin is having fraternal twins and we spent Sunday at her beautiful baby shower in Monterey. Here are some details from the adorable baby-filled day!

Twins are Blooming!
Beautiful cupcakes and gift wrapping from Pastries & Petals in CarmelTwo Peas In A Pod

Onesie Cookies (again from Pastries and Petals)!

The twins are going to be so stylish with their new Uggs

I was having fun with the blocks :)

I also took a very few Maternity photos of my cousin and her husband that I will post tom

Baby Shoes

My cousin is having twins (a boy and a girl) in April so I took these photos when we were visiting her in Monterey for her baby shower. There are tons more where these came and I’ll be posting them in the next few days. I don’t think there is anything cuter than baby shoes. Especially these little baby vans.

Maybe Santa Isn’t For Everyone….

By the looks of these photos you’d think we were torturing this poor child. All we were hoping for was one cute photo of little Ryan sitting on Santa’s lap, but as you can see, these were the best we got. My friend brought her little guy into work last week when Santa was going to be in the lobby of our building. As soon as she set him down on the old guy’s lap the crying began. She went over a few times to console him but as soon as she walked away it started again. Maybe next year we’ll get one with a smile?

Pretty in Pink

As you all saw in my Tutu post, I made these tutus for my nieces, Haeli and Riley for Christmas. I also had decorative shirts made with their names embroidered and matching flower hair clips with rhinestones. Can you tell how much I like dressing them up?  We celebrated early this year and I couldn’t wait to put the girls in their new outfits. So we threw on their new clothes and went outside to snap a few photos. The girls were moving so fast that it was really difficult to get them in the right light for a good shot but I think they still turned out pretty cute. I plan on editing all of these photos in Photoshop soon but I couldn’t wait to post them in the meantime. Maybe I’ll do a before and after post once I’ve edited them. I’d love to take out some of the shadows, but I haven’t quite learned how to use Photoshop so it might take me a while!

I tried to take the tutu off of one of the girls because she was stepping on it, but she quickly stopped in her tracks, turned around and put her hand out for the tutu. She clearly wanted it back on because as I tied it around her again she stayed still waiting for me.

You can click on each image to get a closer look. Aren’t they adorable?

If you like the personalized  shirts you can order them from Kenyon Kreations. Check out her facebook here!

Laugh Smile Love

A few photographs of my nieces while we were cutting down a Christmas tree last weekend.

Follow your Heart

Laugh Smile Love

“Not Good at Babies”

My husband claims he is “not good at babies.” Yes, he says it that way, like babies are a sport you can be good at. So when I saw him playing with one of our twin nieces I had to snap a few photos.  And they turned out so cute I couldn’t help but blog about them.

Photo of the Week, Week 4

This is a photo I took of my niece at the beach in Hawaii. Look how happy she is!