Photogenic Furball

He was totally posing for me.

It’s a Rough Life

My poor Sake has been stuck inside for a week now because of his little injury. He is constantly getting in fights with the neighborhood cats and despite his giant exterior he continues to get hurt, and we continue to take him to the vet. This time wasn’t as bad as it has been in the past, but he is not enjoying his cone or being locked inside with his sister. He sits by the back door and meows and meows until he wears himself out and goes to take a nap.

I thought this photo did a good job of showing his anguish. Oh the life of a cat.. What a rough life it is..

What’s Not to Like?

This is Sake and the below photo is his sister Miso.

They are my adorable little (actually, they’re kind of giant) kitties. We got them when they were tiny little kittens of only 8 weeks old and they have grown into giant-monster-jungle-cats and they hunt anything that moves. But they’re pretty cute, aren’t they?

Miso plays fetch and does flips when she runs to pick up whatever you’ve thrown. She especially loves playing with bottle caps and brings them right back to you and meows until you throw it again.

It might make me a crazy cat lady, but I love these little guys like they are my children. If you don’t like cats, I say you’re crazy. What’s not to like?