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#febphotoaday – A Month in Instagram Photos

This month I decided to participate in the #febphotoaday challenge on Instagram. I started a little late on Day 5, but I have since gone back and completed the first four days to finish up the month of February. I have never done a monthly, weekly, or daily challenge like this and I actually really enjoyed it. Some of my photos were (much) better than others, but either way, I still had fun. It forced me to capture a part of my daily life for a whole month and to find something creative or artistic in my usual activities.  I may do one in March as well :)

This is the chart I used for each day.

Here is my month in Instagram photos –

Day 1: your view today

on the way to SF

Day 2: words

training schedule

Day 3: hands

little kids...their hands are always in their mouths

Day 4: stranger

a very nice stranger made this for me

Day 5: 10am

10am - just finishing up my training run

Day 6: dinner

lemon cilantro shrimp, quinoa & brussel sprouts

Day 7: button

I need to stitch all these back on their sweaters!

Day 8: sun

I had to use an old photo this day...I worked an 11 hour day and didn't see the sun at all

Day 9: front door

One of my favorite parts of our house!

Day 10: self portrait

Miso and me

Day 11: makes you happy

hotels with leopard robes in the closet

Day 12: inside your closet

shoes shoes shoes

Day 13: blue

my favorite blue necklace

Day 14: heart

Happy V-Day!

Day 15: phone

I see this thing allllll day long

Day 16: something new

new suit for work

Day 17: time

my favorite clock in the house

Day 18: drink

Did you know I love green smoothies? :)

Day 19: something you hate to do

definitely hate filing

Day 20: handwriting


Day 21: a fave photo of you

favorite of all time circa 2003

Day 22: where you work

my j.o.b.

Day 23: your shoes

the coolest shoes I've ever made

Day 24: inside your bathroom cabinet

lots and lots of product

Day 25: green

I told you I love green smoothies...

Day 26: night

late night dinner with the hubs

Day 27: something you ate

yummy salad at work

Day 28: money

no money here, just receipts!

Day 29: something you’re listening to

whatever they were playing at red rabbit

The End! Til next month!

Here is the chart for March if you want to join in the fun.

Happy Instagraming!

Photo of The Week, Week 10


On our way home from Santa Rosa. This spot looked so serene, I just had to roll down the window and snap a shot!

Photo of The Week, Week 8 (Sake Bomb)

This is my cat, Sake. Sometimes we call him Sake Bomb.

Photo of The Week, Week 7 (Angry Birds)

This goose was hungry. And by the looks on his face, he was going to eat me if I didn’t give him more bread. This is why large birds scare me.

Photo of The Week, Week 6

There were so many beautiful flowers in Monterey, but this one was my favorite!